Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Accepting, Facing, Keep Moving

At First I really couldnt accept the fact! but what to do? its a FACT!
Actually I Do Believe in Six Sense~ and its Not Only Have on Laddies! Guy Do So!
Like me! I also have the six sense! the past few weeks before it really happen I do feel so!
Even I Always feel the vinegar taste! but what can I do?? I tell is no point to! Because I Never Act!

I need to accept this! Imma Mature Enough! Its No point for me hidding and keeps hurting my self!
I must Face it all the time! When  I Face it, It might have a chance in future and sure have more improvement!
Our Life Need to Keep Moving As The Time Pass by, Obtain and Earn What We LESS in our Life!
To Be Success Im Not Afraid To Try and To be Hurt!

What Im Doing Today and I Have earn today! I really appreciate it alot!
Thanks For The Guide and the help you gave me! =)
I believe that you will be doing great if that is your happiness! for me no matter you alone or not!
I just wanted to see you SMILE and HAPPY all the time!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

my lovely houze Garden by my Elson Kor


~~bonsai tree~~ 

tree is a very special in the living life!!
~giant bird cage~


~under 1 roof chicken n bird~

haha long time no update blog adi!
seems my bro gt update the hoz garden 
so just simply update it!! 

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

dReam Auto City Sexy Dance Award Semi-Final

Hehe today rushing all my things at work and outside work!! at last the time has come,kin kin go back mana zai
bo food at home! haha the bo pian time coming soon!! wah 11pm the dance club has pack!! 
such a happening place feel nice last night and so high but im NOT DRUNK kaka!!
and want to say so sorry to certain people!! we still can be clubbing frens.. 
The most enjoyable night with brothers and frenz! 
no matter who u are we are 
frenz and brothers^^v

this is one of the finalist contestant! haha dis girls the wan her breast run out =.=

on the stage champion Lynn Tze Ling 

yea here we go JJ the Dj with DJ Keyz on the Deck!! ^^ spinning my head right round!!

haha JJ and me!! steam steam liao me!! charm lo
Dj K-Phlow , Crystal Yunn and JJ the Dj

its was and owesome night
hope the event of 21st May 2010
will be grand as well like this!!! 
RSVP the event of I Love Bed and Dream HERE
and join my fans page I♥BED and Dream HERE

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Woots~ 2nd Collection of Mixtape

wow~ really got to thankx DjKeyz he giving me DjFuzz Xrossfade Blends Vol3 mixtape~ im so loving it~ all the song in there wer my favourite and it was great mix~ dis is the 1st time i get a mixtape on a original record~
cant believe it~ so syok! b4 dis! i love mixtape so much~ i have DeeJayIceCube mixtape vol.4 its oso 1 of the great mixtape i have b4~ the rest were just a normal mixtape from the internet~  wow my life nw is just bout a music~ Im really happy to get know those great djs~ like dJ liTtL3 cUT3 akA jOaNn3DJ jOl3N3DJ Laze aka William ,DJ Keyz Kee aka Akie ,DJ K-Phlow aka Kenny they use their ability and technique to perform and understanding party people needs~



wow free 30mins preview on DjFuzz Lesson~ cool!!

Its really worth~ Not For Sale and Burn and Copy~ 

special thanx to DJ KEYZ KEE
kamsia banyak banyak~

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hehe since so long no go exercise now im back on track!
keke quite tired and not enough sleep~ haiz my tummy getting big o~ bcoz of drinking too much adi ^^

first we when to mengkuang dam~

haha dis morning william he wake up late reach der quite sunny adi 

there thats him~ si dua pui cannot run~ run abit stop haiz chek ak~

haha our chat lou kia oso suan siao him lar~ why so beh iong wan u??

reach at the end oni do patern say wan faint adi~ gai lor~~~William why u mempersiasuikan?? 
William leg tiu kin~ shouT .. Arhhhhhhh!!! kao giak beh iong~ need go back adi
zha bo really zha bo~ wan take picture awhile~ >< 

today 1/4 i thought william hao siao me for go hiking~ mana tao~

wah its really look like sap pah~ no ppl geh~ sien~ 

sun light is shining to my eye~ so pain~ 

lai liao dua pui patern ~ walk n shake shake` zzzzz 

going back adi~ go fr 1 hour nia but no go to the top sien si lang~ pu nia bo~ 

the road so narrow~ but its fun~ 

haha dis few days go exercise oso bo rasa~ still same gt the big tummy~ 

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dis blog is make with just for fun~ 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Relationship Lif3

In this world many people face alot of relationship problem and relationship way~

some dont even get to be with their love one~ some be with someone that he/she dont really love but with a purpose~ some times we feel jealous when seeing other couple are sweet and happly~ but we dont know theirs background!

Some of them still dont know what are they doing and what they want~ 
But for me, i`m doing everything is just for you! the memories for to being with you together is the biggest memories to me~
I love you is sincea~ sometimes when think back, I feels im wrong to do that~ but when you are right my side, I feels happy and everything in my mind was so peacefully~ the feelling you give to me and the way you treat me are so good and sweet!
All day long I miss it so much~ sometimes i really cant control my self to tell you that~ but I scare you cant accept it~ 

Even we cant be together but I always give my hope to the time! 
I fighting for my career to give you a better life...
The future of me and you I wish will be a great life!

I hate the jealous feeling and suspect feeling so much~ all the time I not right your side it can make me thinking nonsense~ and also sometimes I tell my self its not~ but I scare 1 day I found out the truth it will be a hurts to us~


beloved person

Thursday, March 18, 2010

ความ รัก ของ ฉัน กับ คุณ [ My Love To You]

i วัน นี้ พบ สิ่ง ที่ ดี เกี่ยว กับ google แปล ~haha เพื่อ พยายาม ทำให้ บล็อก ที่ 1 ของ ฉัน ใน เวลา ใช้ คำ ไทย ~
ใน โลก นี้ ที่ ฉัน จริงๆ ยินดี ที่ จะ รับ รู้ ว่า คุณ ...ความ รัก ของ ฉัน ที่ คุณ จะ สามารถ ยกเลิก การ เปลี่ยนแปลง,ตั้งแต่ วัน ที่ 1 ครั้ง ที่ เรา รู้จัก กัน ฉัน จริงๆ หลง รัก ไม่ ได้ ~อาจ ให้ คุณ ฉัน ยัง สาว หรือ ไม่ ตรง กับ คุณ ... แต่ ฉัน สวม `t ต้องการ เพราะ อายุ ของ เรา ...คุณ จะ เป็น บล็อก ที่ เรา ควบคุม ~ รัก เท .. ไม่ ว่า นาน เท่า ไหร่ ฉัน ควร รอ ... ฉัน จะ รอ ~i ลูก รัก คุณ ตลอด กาล
นี้ เป็น i ครั้ง ที่ 1 ใช้ langue อื่น ๆ เพื่อ แสดง ความ รู้สึก ของ ฉัน ไป i สาว ชอบ ~

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